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Best Mashups of 2005

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Mildly unuseful note(s): in terms of the best albums of the year, everyone has their opinion; as is the case with haircuts (I’m looking at you MySpace emo-trash). But, the case is, most of the time something cool comes out of them. Hell, one might even find an album that one has never heard before. Along those lines, I figured I’d throw out my 2 cents on what mash-ups I was really into. To be entirely honest, my favorite album last year was The Grey Album. Whether or not it can be considered an album is beside my point…it’s what I enjoyed listening to most, FACT. (side note: in the great tradition of mentioning The Go! Team’s album as a favorite of 2005, which many did, I’m going to mention mash-ups which may, or may not, have been released in 2004.) So, here are my favorite mash-ups of 2005! PS…just as with albums & tracks goes, you can’t hear everything released…hit me with some knowledge if you think you’ve got something that needs to be heard…let me know.

(By the way, dj BC is the best masher out there, so, you’ll see him a lot on this list)

1. DJ BC “Yoshimi Battles Snoop Dogg”
The Flaming Lips vs. Snoop Dogg vs. Will Farrell

2. Aggro1 “Pull Up the Poor Bitches”
M.I.A. vs. Mindless Self Indulgence

3. DJ BC “Can’t You Hear Biz Knocking?”
The Rolling Stones “Can You Hear Me Knockin'” vs. Biz Markie “Let Me See You Bounce”

4. DJ Riko “Stand Up and Ring My Doorbell”
Ludacris “Stand Up” vs. The White Stripes “My Doorbell”

5. CCC “One of These Heatwaves”
Pink Floyd “One of These Days” vs. Wings “Rockestra” vs. Martha Reeves & The Vandellas “Heatwave”

6. Smash Mash-Ups “Sanctuary’s Over”
The Doors “When the Music’s Over” vs. The Cult “She Sells Sanctuary” vs. pop beat

7. DJ BC “Money”
Wu-Tang Clan “C.R.E.A.M.” vs. The O’Jays “For The Love Of Money”

8. FullMickTon “1000 Miles N Jiggin”
N.W.A. – 100 Miles and Running vs. Martyn Bennett – No.6 (untitled)

9. DJ Payroll “Intergalactic Enemy”
Beastie Boys “Intergalactic” vs. Rage Against the Machine “Know Your Enemy”

10. DJ iTrain “Frontin’ on the Root Down”
Beastie Boys vs. The Who

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