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dj BC Interview

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When did you start making mashups?

dj BC: In about 2004, after hearing some made by other folks. But before that I was making them for a few years outside the ‘computer realm’ and was thinking of them more as hip-hop remixes. But Sony Acid opened up a whole new world for me.

Was there any other mashup producer, or producers, that inspired you to get started?

Go Home Productions, and of course, Danger Mouse. “The Beastles” was basically a rip-off of his “Grey Album”. And pretty much everyone on McSleazy’s GYBO, that community in general was hugely

Have you had any legal threats or issues arise surrounding any of your bootlegs?

Yes, I have been asked to take things offline a few times. EMI does not like ‘The Beastles’, and asked me to take it offline. Some sampled artists I spoke with objected to “Wu Orleans;” though others quite enjoyed it, a few were not fans at all, and I took it offline out of respect for their personal feelings. Philip Glass’ management asked me to take my ‘Glassbreaks’ album down, as well as the photo of him on the page. No one has been overly threatening or a jerk about it, though.

What is the last mashup you listened to that wasn’t yours?

By French mashup duo SUYT, “I Gotta Walk Away.” Party staple, I predict.

Who are your favorite bastard-pop producers?

Go Home Productions, Party Ben, G3RST, DJ Moule, DJ Schmolli, Divide and Kreate, Martinn, Mei-Lwun, DJ Jay-R, A+D, Earworm… There are really too many to list, but there are a few, if people want to hear something new by a talented masher. And now Dj Y alias Y is one of my new faves.

How many mashups do you think you’ve made in your life?

A few hundred, I guess? Not sure. Probably less than a thousand. Also it depends on how you categorize mashups! I do a lot of remixes and sound collage things as well. Not everything gets released, of course.

What is your favorite mashup of all time?

It constantly changes. Classics are “Rapture Riders” by GHP (Blondie vs The Doors) and “Let It Be Me” by Soundwasta (Shaggy vs Beatles), but I also admire DJ Earworm’s “United States of Pop” boots from 2007 and 2008, which took the top 25 tracks of the year and combined them.

He basically does what a lot of “10,000 source” DJ s try to do, does but in a much more coherent, musical, in-key and satisfying way than almost anyone. I also love LeeBuzz’s “Easy Waiting” (Bob Marley vs Lionel Richie). I could go on and on, really.

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