Chris DeLine

Cedar Rapids, IA

Heritage Trail (Durango, IA)

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Photos taken July 5, 2024 along the Heritage Trail, starting at the trailhead in Durango, Iowa.

Macbride Nature Recreation Area (Solon, IA)

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Hiking photos taken March 30, 2024 throughout the Macbride Nature Recreation Area in Solon, IA.

2024 Photo Dump

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Photos shot March 9, 2024 at the Des Moines Art Center. Photos of In Loving Memory shot Friday, February 2 at Gabe’s in Iowa City.

Maitreya & Aquatic Cat Dolphin “Roses” (Singled Out)

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Out a random night freestyling off each other came the foundation for what became the song “Roses,” with Maitreya and Aquatic Cat Dolphin ultimately bringing the song from conception to recording within the span of a day. On the surface, the song’s themes appear simple, with gratitude at its core, but a more complex and […]

The Politics of Playlists

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On the first day of June in 2022 I loaded up the last of my belongings into my car, signed papers closing on the sale of my house, and made my way to Highway 24, heading north out of Nashville. When considering whatever a “hometown” might be, Nashville was as much a hometown for me […]

Scott Miller “Waters” (Singled Out)

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Scott Miller is an MC and producer based in Iowa City. Today he’s marking the release of a new single, “Waters,” which follows last year’s 14-track Recovery full-length and speaks to where he’s looking to move creatively. With that album, he says he found himself gravitating toward building cohesiveness within style and themes. With that […]

Gold Revere Interview

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This is the villin podcast and this episode features an interview with Akash Gururaja and Ian Crumley of Gold Revere. Collaborating on music together all the way back to when they attended Linn-Mar High School in Marion, they’ve put out a tremendous catalog since then despite writing and recording out of separate locations for the […]

Haploid Interview

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“Prog punk” might be the closest thing to an appropriate label I’ve heard when considering the spirit and sound of Haploid‘s music, and it’s one that vocalist and guitarist Kaylee Rae Timmerman says appreciates. The Des Moines band’s album Villains Amiss certain takes on elements of both prog and punk, but the songs also reveal […]

Ira Rat Interview

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This episode of the villin podcast features a conversation with Ira Rat. If you’re scanning his solo work, you’re going to hear some lo-fi experimental music, but as I learned in our discussion, he’s also released music as one half of Neon Lushell, which then led me down a rabbit hole where I learned of […]

Terra Incognita (Terminally Unique, Pt. 21/21)

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Listen to Terminally Unique via… YouTubeSpotifyApple PodcastsAmazonPandoraAdditional Streaming Links The last chapter, titled “Clarity,” is where I originally ended things in 2012, and for the better part of a decade I’ve regretted writing that ending the way I did. To be clear, what bothered me most about my conclusion was using a clichéd premise to […]

Lodge Cove Collective Interview

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This episode of the villin podcast features a conversation with Mark from Lodge Cove Collective. On his website, Mark explains his goal for the project was to release original music written, produced, and recorded by himself and some of his friends. Quoting him, Mark writes, “I wanted to be able to put some of my […]