Chris DeLine

Cedar Rapids, IA

Raising The Dead: Yeasayer

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2007 has thus far provided no shortage of foot stomping, hand clapping songs akin to that of how you might imagine a tribal gather sounding. The realm of this intense urgency is beautifully captured by Frog Eyes on their recent Tears of the Valedictorian. Similar to form, Brooklyn’s Yeasayer proved an unexpectedly commanding force during their first ever visit to the Twin Cities last night. Set opener “Sunrise” reminded me of Animal Collective, sleek in its movement through samples, chants and visual conjuring sound scapes. An excellent performance made flawless when the vibrancy of Chris Keating’s vocals were met with parallel liveliness from fellow members. The boys were solid throughout, providing a colorful preview of songs from their forthcoming full length. It’s an undeniable fact – Yeasayer will resurrect the dead and challenge the lifeless. Yes, it’s that serious.

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