Chris DeLine

Cedar Rapids, IA

ULTRAS S/C “Black Face Time”

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Ultras SC Jemina Pearl

The closing moments of “Black Face Time” come as an orgy of distortion with ULTRA S/C’s Jemina Pearl (Be Your Own PET), Ben Swank (Soledad Brothers, Third Man capo) and Chet Weise (The Immortal Lee County Killers) collectively peaking on a note of psyched-out fuzz. Perhaps making a little more sense is the Scene Cream‘s D. Patrick Rodgers, who calls the track as an “unrelenting, buzzing, feedback-ensconced, four-minute burner full of instruments being punished and Jemina Pearl’s unmistakable howl.” They’ve also been called “blues rock,” but regardless of how you label them, the group (formerly known as the Black Faces) kills. That’s something we should all be able to agree on.

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