Chris DeLine

Cedar Rapids, IA

Trainwreck Riders

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Unfortunately I wrote the Trainwreck Riders off the first time I heard the band. I watched the video for the track “Slow Motion Cowboy” and thought that it was cheesy, a bit tacky and lacking enough kick to really differentiate itself in any modern scene. I think that’s just the point, however. The band isn’t new, the songs aren’t groundbreaking, and there’s just enough corny mid-90’s nostalgia to fuel a full blown retrospective fire. But there’s something undeniably unique about the charisma under the group’s exterior. Ranging from the up-tempo alterna-fests “Slow Motion Cowboy” and “My Defense” to the hipster country “Christmas Time Blues” the band is definitely worthy of being heard. And if it takes a few listens before you’re a convert, don’t fear, you’re not alone.

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