Chris DeLine

Cedar Rapids, IA

Who is this, Sufjan Sweden?: Tobias Fröberg

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Tobias Fröberg’s delightful press release, which presented the quote in the title, shows the light-sounding Fröberg as an absolutely charming, delicious taste of Scandinavia. “Tobias Fröberg is from Sweden. We should all be so lucky. It’s only the world capital of love and smiling and perfect indie pop. It’s also the place where Tobias Fröberg (aka Jose Gonzalez’s best friend, for real, no big deal) has been perfecting the sounds and songs that, after two or three chin scratching listens, may just take over your life.” I suggest that you risk the threat of having your life taken over, especially by the bongo-blazing, progressive indie sounds of “When The Night Turns Cold;” which seems to have transplanted The Beach Boys in as back-up singers and truly questions, “Who is this, Sufjan Sweden?”

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