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Titus Jones “Dance Alarm” Video

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It’s rare that I can get excited for a dance album — there’s always an exception to the rule though, and today has provided a rather notable one in the form of new music from Nashville producer Titus Jones.

“Dance Alarm” is a pulsating mega-mash that combines Nicki Minaj, Avicii, Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen, Eminem, Lady Gaga, Taio Cruz, Cascada, Etta James, and Dev with Jones’ go-to, Britney Spears. The list of artists is a shameful indulgence in pop music’s usual suspects, but the track itself is anything but normal (not to mention the fantastic video edited by Panos T).

“My main goal when I sat down to make this track was to make it big,” reflected Jones when discussing the new music. “I knew I wanted something with a punch to officially announce the album and get listeners engaged and excited! This was about three weeks ago, and around that time I’d had that damn ‘Pound the Alarm’ track stuck in my head for days. So I was like ‘That’s it. I’m just gonna have to mash it’.”

The new song is a lead-in for Jones’ forthcoming mashup album After Shock — the follow-up to last year’s full-length Culture Shock release. “The whole thing is jam packed with fun party tracks you can move to, with a bit of nostalgia and genre-clashes stuffed in for good measure.”

The 14 track After Shock will be released September 21, but in the meantime “Dance Alarm” can be downloaded for free from Titus Jones’ website.

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