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Mashups of the Week: Obama & Lady GaGa

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Ting Tings Mashup

The Ting Tings have been completely played out this year, and in the process “That’s Not My Name” has unfortunately undergone the same treatment that Gnarls Barkley’s “Crazy” did a few years back. It’s still a solid song, but it’s been repeated to a point of exhaustion; no place else is this more truth than in the mashup world. That being said, adding Peaches and Herb’s 1979 hit “Shake Your Groove Thing” to the mix and suddenly the song is given a whole new sound. Funny how that happens… introduce a little herb to the party and all of the sudden the music sounds better.

Yold “That’s Not My Groove” (mp3)

Tonight on Jimmy Kimmel Live, T-Pain is going live with a Barack OHH-bama mashup, and if this short clip is any indication, the thing is going to be hilarious.

Nirvana Lady Gaga Mashup

NYC’s dj lobsterdust recently dropped a trio of bootlegs, with two anchored in early ’90s nostalgia; unfortunately the the typically solid-as-a-rock producer doesn’t come through looking like a million bucks this time around. The Survivor/Gloria Gaynor mash is a bit too cheesy for its own good, and if you’re any sort of Nirvana fan, the Lagy GaGa/Nirvana track is almost downright unlistenable. Of the three, the song which makes the least amount of sense is subsequently the song that sounds the best: the unusual mix of Nirvana and Wild Cherry.

dj lobsterdust “Smells Like Funky Music” (mp3)

Of the three the GaGa/Nirvana mash is probably the most topical however, as the bizarre diva will be appearing on this weekend’s episode of Saturday Night Live, while Sup Pop just dropped a previously unreleased live track from Nirvana.

Nirvana “Scoff (live at Pine St. Theatre)” (mp3)

Having been in the middle of a teleconference with Africa all day today I can confirm this: Africa does not give a fuck. Fact. And thanks to France’s Phat Bastard the continent now has a theme song to go along with its attitude. Combining Lil Jon with the Portugese outfit Buraka Som Sistema the DJ offers a spooky beat with a hanous break from the Atlanta-based crunkster.

Phat Bastard “Africa Doesn’t Give A Fuck” (mp3)

This past week I continued my interview series at Mashuptown, this time around I got in touch with Stockholm, Sweden’s Divide & Kreate and Tulsa, Oklahoma’s dj erb. Both offered some interesting insight into how they got started and what they’re into these days.

Mashuptalk with Divide & Kreate

Divide & Kreate “Phantom Pt. III (Justice vs. the Clash)” (mp3)

Mashuptalk with dj erb

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