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Side One, Track One: Tim Armstrong “Wake Up”

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Side One Track One High Fidelity

Artist: Tim Armstrong
Album: A Poet’s Life
Side One Track One: “Wake Up”

Marking his fortieth year on planet earth Rancid frontman Tim Armstrong released his first solo album this year entitled A Poet’s Life. The long awaited album celebrates lighthearted ska and delves heavily into melodica-based dub. “Wake Up” delivers a fairly mediocre lyrical base, the chorus being repeated generously in spite of the song’s two verses; but Armstrong’s music has never been heavily swayed by his writing. That thought is a bit humorous considering the album’s title, but when thinking back to his time spent in Operation Ivy, The Transplants or even his ongoing position in Rancid Armstrong has never really been considered that much of a street poet.

Should Have Been Side One Track One: “Into Action”

A Poet’s Life is ultimately carefree sounding as a whole despite its occasionally downtrodden lyrical base. Not to say that “Wake Up” doesn’t get the job done, but the uptempo ska of “Into Action” would have created a much better starting point for the album as it lends a considerable amount of energy to the mix. Additionally Canadian pop singer, and über-contemporary of Avril Lavigne, Skye Sweetnam contributes to the track showcasing the pop sensibilities that go hand in hand with Armstrong’s lighter side.

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