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Cedar Rapids, IA

Teddybears vs. the World & the Historical “Punkrocker”

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Since the release of 2003’s Skull Ring it has seemingly become cool again to be Iggy Pop. The band’s backing him on the album, Green Day The Trolls and Sum 41, had heaps of cred with with kids on the street and since then Mr. Pop has recorded with the likes of Peaches and most recently Sweden’s Teddybears. The video here shows an immensely tamed down Pop fighting the law from a passive role while driving the streets in New York (subsequently concluding without any mention of the law, Pop fights the law and we win). Hey, he’s a punkrocker (yes he is).

The track “Punkrocker” actually dates back to around 2000 when a Swedish band Caesar (formerly Caesar’s Palace) released the track domestically. It was later covered by Thomas Rusiak and his version, which featured Teddybears STHLM, became one of the biggest Swedish singles of the decade. It was rumored that Caesar approached Iggy Pop to do the remake, but whatever went down, we obviously know where the song is today (everywhere).

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