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Cedar Rapids, IA

T. Daily “It’s All Over”

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Originally written by Curtis Mayfield (as were many of the era’s songs released through OKeh Records), Walter Jackson’s 1964 single “It’s All Over” has had an interesting history, one which eventually found the song used as a sample on “Music is Power,” the second single from Richard Ashcroft’s 2006 studio release, Keys to the World. Most recently, albeit on a far less glorious scale, the song was again used by Memphis native T. Daily on his Goonies-themed mixtape Never Say Die (The Goonies) when it dropped earlier last month. Working through such lines as “You the gamblin’ type, either that or you blind/’Cause even in a full house I’m still one of a kind,” Daily capitalizes on the royal sounding swings of the original to refocus the track from the heavier sounding beats on the rest of the mixtape. For more from Daily, the entire release can be streamed or downloaded for free via Dat Piff.

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