Chris DeLine

Cedar Rapids, IA

Stock More of What’s Selling

Published in Blog.

What are the shelves of your store stocked with? Are you recognizing what sells and what doesn’t? Are you paying attention to the items that no one’s buying? Are you increasing inventory of what is selling? Are you helping your business succeed?

Life is like an emotional retail store. We have to constantly run inventory, making sure that we’re not giving too much shelf-space to efforts that aren’t working. To get more out of our limited floor space, we have to pay attention to what’s selling in our own life and act accordingly. What brings you fulfillment? What helps you achieve your goals? You should probably stock more of that.

Take inventory today. Look at that shelf of failure and count how many times a decision has left you feeling empty or sad. Stop listening to the questionable voice in your head giving you bad advice, telling you to stock your shelves with ambrosia-infused microwave popcorn and squid-flavored Jell-o. That shit ain’t workin’.

Stop actively putting yourself out of business.