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Cedar Rapids, IA

Stellastarr* “Sweet Troubled Soul – The Remixes” Review

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I first got turned onto the band earlier this year and I got into them a bit, no matter how overdone the genre might be. This remix single, or EP, or whatever it is, offers a few remixes of the band’s single “Sweet Troubled Soul.” Surprisingly good remixes, actually. James Iha, of Smashing Pumpkins fame, puts out a very sharp, drum driven sound; probably the best of the bunch. Morel’s Pink Noise mixes are a little more typical remixes, with the vocal mix adding a bit of ambient over the a new mix of the song while the dub mix resembles more of a club track. Not bad for a few quick tracks, as its easy to listen to three mixes of the same song and not get bored…which I think…is a good thing.

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