Chris DeLine

Cedar Rapids, IA

Star Wars “Sexy Ackbar” Mashup Video

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Make a song about Admiral Ackbar and puppies, win prizes.” So went the challenge on my friend Sean‘s blog (Buzzgrinder) a few years ago. Being neither a Star Wars fanboy or an animal owner (or a musician, for that matter), I had no idea where to begin, but figured what the hell and took on the challenge anyhow, mashing an instrumental of Snoop Dogg’s “Sexual Eruption”Sensual Seduction” with crudely ripped Will Ferrell Saturday Night Live clips and audio from an Admiral Ackbar soundboard. I did not win any prizes.

A few months back I went looking for a nostalgic pick-me-up only to find no trace of the track anywhere. In a hasty move of hard drive wipery, I must have mistakenly deleted “Admiral Sensual” clean from existence. What’s more: Buzzgrinder has since gone into Tumblr-mode, leaving the contest submission file an orphaned URL. That might not have been the day the music died, but it was certainly the day the music was reported missing.

Fast forward to this past weekend, where I took it upon myself to reconstruct the track from memory in an attempt to soundtrack the video that played in my mind every time I heard the song. I’m still no musician, and “Admiral Sensual” was never really meant to be “music.” But whenever I’d return to the song, a weird kaleidoscope of visuals ran through my mind, pleasantly blending Snoop, Star Wars, and SNL. Once the new track had been completed, I tried my best to piece together clips in an attempt to bring to life the visuals that had been living in my head for nearly four years. Thus, the following video was born. Rest in peace “Admiral Sensual,” long live “Sexy Ackbar.”

[Featured by: The Awesomer,, Canal+, Know Your Meme, Laughing Squid, The Mashup, and Topless Robot. View count data from YouTube upload here.]