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Staggering Statistics “Pixelated Ones & Zeros” EP Review

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With the understanding that the foundation of Staggering Statistics is deeply routed in mid-90’s alterna-rock it’s easy to figure out what motivates the band’s sound. Bassist John Curley’s involvement as a founding member of the Afghan Whigs, as well as a seasoned producer at his Ultrasuede recording studio, provides insight into the band’s musical direction. Curley’s influence, amalgamated with talents of guitarist Austin Brown and drummer Joe Klug, resulted in a set of studio sessions and subsequent release of the band’s debut release in 2004.

Pixelated Ones & Zeros’ lead track, “Wet Book of Matches”, is as catching as the packaging the EP comes in. The case, a matchbook, literally, slightly draws attention away from the music; but luckily the inherent value of the album still lies in the music found inside. The album takes a deliberately moderate tempo, which typically exemplifies indie-rock. That’s being a sound far from lo-fi, but far miles away from over-produced refuse. That’s what makes this six song taste-test successful. The second track, “Disastrous Leanings,” follows this moderate-pace blueprint, fading into a distorted transition track “All Falls Down.”

“Hope You Don’t Mind,” bends the transition into a progressively inviting envelop of distorted harmony. The final two tracks, “Pixelated Ones and Zeros” and the eight minute “Lookout Cartographer Autobiographer,” exemplify the band’s attempt to change pace; both vocally, and instrumentally. The slightly distorted vocals flow through “Lookout,” embracing the song’s varied pace and tone. While the album’s decoration is unique, it is the unhurried pace that allows the music to take you to your destination without realizing how you got there.

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