Chris DeLine

Cedar Rapids, IA

Songs for the Deaf, Queens Of The Stone Age

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I was in college when it was released and as word started spreading about the Grohl-soaked LP, I found a drum loop from “Song for the Dead” on a file-sharing site, and listened to that thing for (no joke here, either) hours at a time. Hours. At. A. Time. Of Dave Grohl’s minute-long swing-for-the-fences drum-intro. On repeat. It’s only in hindsight that I recognize the true nature of my insanity. The album still gets my juices flowing (see: various juices originating from numerous orifices), and 11 years be damned: It still sounds fresh as a daisy. Mark Lanegan pops up here and there, universal wildcard Nick Oliveri was still on board (I swear that man has cocaine for blood), and despite a few mellow dips and dives, the whole goddamn thing is still merciless in its delivery.

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