Chris DeLine

Cedar Rapids, IA

Something Wrong

Published in Strays.

The feeling is so strange, the organic and artisanal refuge communicating a message that there’s goodness to be had here. I’m good because I’m here. So are you. But why?¬†We’re here, doing good for ourselves, at this place that tells us it’s the kind of place for people who care about enhancing their well being. People who are mindful. People who deserve it. At that other place people just shop for food. That place doesn’t smell the way that good places smell. Actually, it doesn’t smell like much at all. This place smells of lavender soaps, bulk organic quinoa, fresh produce, and herbal mustache waxes. Paying more is a byproduct of treating yourself to a better life, with better scents. We’re not buying products here, and maybe that’s why the feeling is so strange. We’re buying everything we’re being sold.