Chris DeLine

Cedar Rapids, IA

Solid Gold release new song, need your vote

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As the teaser reads on mtvU’s site, “Your votes determine which videos get into rotation on mtvU each week only on The Freshmen.” Even if you’re one of the unfortunates who haven’t signed on with a participating cable or satellite provider to get the far-beyond-standard-cable network (myself included), you should still head over to their site and vote Solid Gold’s “Bible Thumper” into rotation. Why? Because even if you’re not into looking out for the best interests of those around you in our fair Twin Cities, the alternative is some dude named Chalie Boy. Seriously.

To help push the band this week, Green Label Sound has released a new song from the Minneapolis group called “Matter of Time.” A year ago GLS did something similar in releasing Matt and Kim’s “Daylight” as a free download through the site, and now look at them: they’re running naked in the streets of Manhattan and appearing on such prestigious late night television shows Jimmy Kimmel Live. Don’t Solid Gold deserve the same? If you say “yes,” then go vote. Because change begins with you.

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