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Fight For Your Right To Fight: Socalled

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Montreal-based producer/MC Josh Dolgin (aka Socalled) approached his sophomore album, Ghettoblaster, as a sly satirical look at the world around him. Wielding his emotions without caution – the opening line to his “(These Are The) Good Old Days” blasts, “My God’s gonna kick your god’s ass.” He continues the track, likening modern Western society to the apathetic outlook of the crumbled dynasty’s of the Incas and Egyptians Socalled berates, “where man woman and child can all log onto the internet and text message each other from across the house.” “Truly,” Socalled continues with his Original Pirate Material-sounding track (well, if The Streets had used an accordion), “these are the good old days.” The album includes roughly forty contributing artists, ranging from one-time James Brown collaborator Fred Wesley on horns to any number of gospel singers and underground francophone MCs.

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