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Slayer vs. Queen mashed by DJ Schmolli

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Slayer Queen Mashup

There’s been an ongoing battle in my head between who is the best at using metal or hard rock tracks in their boots. For as much as I’ve heard and enjoyed from Morgoth, Aggro1 or ToToM, a longtime personal favorite of mine has just raised the bar considerably. I’ve never (eeeeever) heard a mashup that utilizes a track from Slayer… until now.

The idea itself seems absolutely undesirable–you’d think that Slayer’s punishing thrash would simply make for a cringe-worthy mashup, right?

Well, Schmolli has given it his best, in combining Slayer and Queen into the track “Queen will Slay You.” The bootlegger himself giving a fair warning as to the… err… uniqueness of the song, “This one is only for the die hard DJ Schmolli fans, 220 bpm and under two minutes this one marks one of the most brutal mashups ever made i guess.”

So here it is, for better or worse, the only Slayer mashup I’ve ever heard:

Slayer “Aggressive Perfector”
Queen “We Will Rock You”

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