Chris DeLine

Cedar Rapids, IA

Shout Out Out Out Out

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I don’t really get off on the whole electronic-wave of indie that has inch by inch, step by step, made its way into modern rock. Frankly I’m a separatist, rock is rock and electronica is electronica and I love them both the way they are. With that, Shout Out Out Out Out comes off exactly as MSTRKRFT did when I first heard them, they’re simply average electrorock. I can’t dance to them in the club (if I were to club) and I can’t crank the group when I want to drive fast. “Chicken Soup…” is about as good of a song as I’ve heard from them, but even at that the group sounds like a Rapture afterthought.

Sure it could be that I was born in the group’s rival city, or it could be that the band really offers nothing new to the productivity of a dwindling genre. Either way, if you’re “into that MSTRKRFT stuff,” you’ll probably fall deeply in love with Shout Out Out Out Out.

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