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Cedar Rapids, IA

Sean Garrett feat. Pharrell “Patron”

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Plain and simple, Sean Garrett is a hit machine. But who is Sean Garrett, you ask? Along with Usher’s smash “Yeah!,” Garrett penned Ciara’s “Goodies,” produced Beyonce’s “Upgrade U,” and is currently working on Whitney Houston’s “comeback” album. It’s no surprise then, that when you put Garrett and Pharrell Williams together on a track, the song has some kick to it.

For good measure, “Patron” was tossed in on Pharrell’s recent Out Of This World mixtape, but the track originally appeared on Garrett’s 2008 debut Turbo 919. While I can’t deny the man’s ability to pen a great song, he has difficulty in carrying the song vocally here. Fortunately, the Neptunes’ beat and Pharrell’s infectious “dah, dah, brrrrah, pa da, dah” more than make up for the weak crooning, turning a mediocre track into one of the most entertaining R&B songs I’ve heard in quite some time.

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