Chris DeLine

Cedar Rapids, IA

Saturday Looks Good To Me

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Detroit’s Saturday Looks Good To Me come highly recommended from a few friends. One calls them “sort of Beach Boys, Camera Obscura, Belle and Sebastian – real lo fi, very pretty stuff.” Another, Bethanne, says of the band “they’re really poppy and fun. You can listen to them and feel better about yourself because the songs are just full of good stuff.” Not bad right? I tend to shy away from using the term lo-fi, because when I think lo-fi I only really think of Beat Happening, but SLGTM offer a tasteful blend of hippie hi-fi (think about it…) mixed in with some great pop (without too much pop) tones. The band’s songs sway from those in which vocals shadow each other perfectly to those which indulge in a single harmony. A real trip to say the least.

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