Chris DeLine

Cedar Rapids, IA

Nothing Like The Jesus Lizard: Rye Coalition

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Rye Coalition fire hard rock with enough flare to put any comparisons to the likes of The Jesus Lizard far from…no, actually, Rye Coalition resemble the harder sounds encompassed by The Jesus Lizard, only if The Jesus Lizard had Vince Neil’s cousin singing against the backdrop of modern day glamless glam-rock. They’re powerful without being stupid about it, which is probably just one of the many reasons that the band’s recent album Curses was picked up for production by Dave Grohl. Come to think of it, my initial reaction was correct, the band really doesn’t sound like The Jesus Lizard at all, sorry about that. Either way though, the band wails fairly hard on their instruments and doing so only serves as further evidence that it still might be kind of cool to respect Mötley Crüe. Or not. I am curious about why Grohl is protecting his balls in that picture… makes you wonder…maybe there’s a little more glam in the band than I had originally thought.

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