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Cedar Rapids, IA

Ryan Dunn, Star of Jackass, Dead at 34

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TMZ is reporting that Jackass cast member died last night in a car accident.

Posting a picture to his Tumblr account of some friends and himself drinking earlier in the night (seen below), Dunn drove his Porsche off the road at roughly 3:00 am last night, the fatal crash killing both him and an as yet unidentified person.

Though no stranger to crazy antics and reckless living in the past, Dunn had been involved with some recent projects that looked to take his career in a rewarding direction. Starring alongside Jessica Chabot, Dunn appeared in a new series titled Proving Ground, which recently debuted on the G4 network. Prior to that both he and Jackass‘ Steve-O recently appeared on an episode of NBC’s Minute to Win It, where the duo competed in a series of games to win money for charity.

April Margera, mother of Jackass star Bam Margera, broke the news earlier this morning, calling a local radio station and later confirming the news with TMZ. More details are sure to follow.

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