Chris DeLine

Cedar Rapids, IA

Ryan Adams and The Cardinals “Cardinology” Review

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As an artist Ryan Adams has often displayed characteristics suggesting struggle within his own reality, something that many have faulted him for. Even through times of relative insanity however, he still continued to offer examples of sensibility within his music. But on Cardinology, the music is almost too sensible. As matter of fact, to some degree I wish it were an inconsistent recording so suggestion could be made that he’s going through “one of those phases.” The chorus to “Go Easy” ever-so-briefly reminds me of My Morning Jacket and “Magick” starts off with a bit of White Stripes-type bounce, but the rest of the album is consistently bland. New York Times journalist Winter Miller recently caught up with Adams on tour, opening the musician up to questions about his current favorite albums. With no sarcasm whatsoever, Adams mentioned of Mariah Carey, “Her records are masterpieces” and of Metallica’s Death Magnetic, “Lyrically astounding.” Where I once felt like I could see past my disinterest in his music I’m now having a hard time seeing the good in the musician at all. On that note, Cardinology might be a lyrically astounding masterpiece, but then again, I can’t stand Mariah Carey.

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