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Busk or Bust: Rodrigo y Gabriela

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Rodrigo Sanchez and Gabriela Quintero, a pair of guitar masters, have played to a vast company of dynamic fans whose typical favorites range from that of metal to bossa nova, all of which helped them take top position on the Irish music charts earlier this year. Sounds strange? Yes. Brilliant music? Absolutely. What is absolutely phenomenal about the duo’s accomplishments is that they did so while outselling (then) recent releases by both The Arctic Monkeys and Johnny Cash. And they did so while their roots were still thousands of miles away in Mexico

It was in Mexico where they supported their craft by taking on a variety of day jobs and activities including teaching the local children Metallica riffs and programming music for a local television station. A spur of the moment solution lead them to Europe, and left them broke. They literally busked their way to fame, playing in a variety of countries and eventually befriending fellow street player, and soon to be household name, Damian Rice. The synchronicity between the duo is absolutely stunning, and the development of original material compiled with Zeppelin and Metallica covers leaves a strict impression that some of the greatest players the earth has ever seen have yet to be heard by a broad listening audience.

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