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Rock Kills Kid “Are You Nervous? Review

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When thinking about bands I consider synth-rock, I can think of nothing but a sheik, slick looking group whose only concern in the world is figuring out which dealer to call. Rock Kills Kid fall far from this generalization however; with a history which includes personal isolation, homelessness and a line up which for years held a revolving door policy. With that, the band looks to blossom in a musical landscape which finds itself in much the same situation as the band once did; broken.

Are You Nervous? doesn’t necessarily ask if rock and roll needs any further addition to the surplus of neo-post punk groups, but rather shows how compiling influences, both classic and modern, can result in an excellent addition to rock. While it is easy to listen to “I Need You” and hear Franz Ferdinand, it’s also easy to listen to a track such as “Midnight” and recall what was fun and entertaining about 80’s rock. Multiple listens to the album offer further challenge to thoughts that Rock Kills Kid might simply be servants to a musical trend, as they captivate by lending a voice of triumph over the deeply emotional struggles many deal with on a daily basis.

“Back to Life” journeys through depression, following a remarkable transformation by RKK’s lead singer, Jeff Tucker. Through a personal decision to neglect his suicidal thoughts, Tucker transforms the song’s morbid motif into a motivational narrative. Accompanying the song is “Life’s a Bitch” which playfully reflects on darker times, “Life’s a bitch, but we keep moving on.” Though “Paralyzed” initiates the seed of heartache, the album’s finale “Raise Your Hands” ultimately signals an uplifting end to the tale. At less than forty minutes, the songs don’t hinder the message; which, while hinting on cliché, offer an addictive tribute to an inspiring story of what ultimately didn’t kill kid.

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