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Culture Bully Review of the RHCP/Mashuptown Challenge

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Culture Bully, 2006

The Red Hot Chili Peppers Challenge proved a solid pool of entries from bootleggers ranging from fresh faces to Mashuptown regulars.  The better mashes created a rich palette for which the tracks involved were heard on an entirely new level.  While a number of tracks attempted to utilize “Dani California” it was some of the tracks that explored the Chili’s catalog a bit deeper that proved the most exciting.

Rather than using “Dani California,” MilkyMan’s “Hey! Oh It To Me” utilized another of the band’s Stadium Arcadium tracks, “Snow (Hey Oh);” in doing so it created a relaxed club sound fueled by Timbaland & Nelly Furtado’s vocals from “Give It To Me.”  The track is entirely fluid and brings new meaning to the simple riffs used.  In much the same way Leroy Brown too utilizes “Hey! Oh,” though “Dollaz of Snow” which combines the same sample with M.I.A.’s “10 Dollar.”  While Milkyman’s mash abruptly ends Brown’s version uses The Jackson 5 as its denouement, both are wonderful nonetheless.

The other stand out was Aekon’s “Hump My Violent Bump.” The mash combines vocals from the recently released Nine Inch Nails song “My Violent Heart” and the Chili’s “Hump De Bump;” Trent Reznor never sounded so funky.

Well done to all who entered the contest, but a special congratulations to MilkyMan, Leroy Brown and Aekon for their  impressive and imaginative boots.

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