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Mashups of the Week: Reba McEntire & Brother Ali

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Brother Ali Flying Lotus

With all the love Brother Ali has been receiving for his newly released album Us, it’s no wonder that the MC has received a little love from the mashup world as well. DJ STV SLV of Chicago’s Hood Internet recently dropped a track that combines Ali with the brilliance that is Flying Lotus.


Also, the Hood will be returning to Minneapolis this coming November 13 when the duo opens for Solid Gold at First Avenue. For another quick taste of what the Hood has been up to recently check this track out: an unlikely mash combining tight-pants wearing hip hop phenom Kid Cudi with the drone-metal sounds of Sunn O))). Unfortunately however, it sounds about as bad as one might expect it to, an at over 17 minutes… it might not be the party starer you’re looking for.

Grizzly Bear Lily Allen Mashup

Stepping up on the indie-rock tip that the Hood Internet usually rocks is DJ Marc Johnce this week, releasing a track combining Lily Allen’s “It’s Not Fair” with Grizzly Bear’s “Two Weeks.” It’s a solid song, and a timely one considering Allen’s apparent decision to forgo recording any more music. Again.

Marc Johnce “Two Fair Weeks” (mp3)

Phil Retrospector Introversion

One of the most distinctive sounding producers in the mashup world–and one of my all-time favorite bootleggers–has released an anthology, of sorts, this week, collecting a number of his moodiest tracks. Among my favorites are “Still Hurtin'” (Johnny Cash vs. Sissy Spacek), “Losing My Breath” (R.E.M. vs. Sia vs. Emiliyan Stankov) & “Jude’ll Fix It” (Joe Anderson vs. Beatles vs. Coldplay).

Phil Retrospector Introversion (zip)

As much as I hate to make two Coldplay references in the same week (one is bad enough, no?) Amoraboy’s recent track “J’traîne des Clocks” deserves mentioning. It’s inclusion of Olivia Ruiz’ airy vocals and Röyksopp’s remix of “Clocks” makes for a true mid-afternoon treat. The best part, however, may be that it sounds nothing like Coldplay.

Amoraboy “J’traîne des Clocks” (mp3)

This past week I did a brief interview with Dutch producer G3RSt over at Mashuptown. The Q&A comes as the inaugural post in a series that will attempt to detail a variety of producers’ influences and beginnings. When asked what the last bootleg he listened to was (that wasn’t his) he replied, “That would be FM24’s ‘Might Like Your Wonderlust’ (Gogol Bordello versus Amanda Blank), an excellent genre clash!” Yes. Yes it is! (Highly recommended!)

FM24 “Might Like You Wonderlust” (mp3)

Reba McEntire Blackstreet Mashup

Earlier today Voicedude dropped an unpredictably smooth track lacing Blackstreet with the an instrumental “Strange” by country-legend Reba McEntire. And that’s exactly what the track is; I can’t say I’ve ever heard anything like it (save for Snoop & Everlast’s hook-up last year). No diggity, no doubt.

Voicedude “Strange Diggity” (mp3)

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