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Quiet Entertainer “Dream Sequencer”

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“[Quiet Entertainer‘s] Internet presence tends to be more cordial than controversial” writes Nashville Cream‘s Sean Maloney, and I tend to agree with him. A little over a year ago I was first introduced to the Nashville producer’s music, though it wasn’t his work that initially drew me in but his approach to online dialog. Before I remember hearing his songs I remember hearing what he had to say via a couple of online forums, and it was his ability to lend honest communication in a medium littered with transparent self-promotion that left an impression on me. Quiet Entertainer has a similar approach in bucking trends musically in that he seems satisfied in neglecting various electronic music novelties in favor of a sound he can call his own. Such is the case with Dream Sequencer.

The EP retains a minimalist tone throughout with various tracks slowly building without ever succumbing to modern trends like the wah-wah-wah-wah-ing of cartoonish dubstep breaks. Cynical ears might overlook the simple aim of the music — the use of woodwinds (as those in EP-closer “Morning”), for example, seem a perfect soundtrack to any number of hokey computer animation videos from the ’90s — but each ingredient here serves its purpose, with none leaving the music toxic in complexities.

Much as he respectfully approaches the vitriolic world of online discussion, in the face of a booming electronic music landscape that’s increasingly built on harsh drops and throbbing dance sequences the producer offers a refreshing alternative… Though one I’d hardly call quiet.

You can purchase the six track Dream Sequencer EP over at Quiet Entertainer’s Bandcamp page for $4293.86 (or $0; whatever you feel is appropriate, really).

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