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Mashups of the Week: “Hook” & La Roux

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I have no idea what to call this, but if ever the term held true, bastard pop might be the most suitable categorization. I’m clearly late to the game in terms of this guy’s work, but Western Australia’s POGO has amassed a stunning collection of similar videos that have received a breathtaking response on YouTube; the producer’s 11 videos have received over 5.5 million views and he has well over 20,000 YouTube subscribers. All of this started with the video “Alice,” which was attracted roughly 3.4 million views and does the same thing as “Bangarang” in that it remixes sounds from a single movie to create the song; in this case, Alice in Wonderland. “Alice” is a moody, ambient track that would be a perfect fit for the warped take on the story that is bound to surface with Tim Burton’s forthcoming remake–come to think of it, that movie looks like it’s going to be brilliant.

In other video-related news, Norwegian Recycling has collected a dozen of his music videos and is now giving easy access to them over at Vimeo. While the Norwegian is probably best known for combining an ungodly number of songs into a single–listenable–track, his visual work shouldn’t be overlooked.


Phil Spector may be on the move, but Phil Retrospector is staying put and retaining his position as one of the finest bootleggers out there right now. Most recently Retrospector contributed to a tribute to hype-act La Roux over at AudioPorn, lending “Bulletproof” a much-welcomed taste of Depeche Mode. If you like what you hear, head over to APC and grab the entire album.

Phil Retrospector “Bulletproofmode” (mp3)

Clivester Love Cage

Mashup Industries‘ Clivester has been on a roll this week, creating a string of excellent club-ready tracks. Here are the best of the bunch:

Clivester “Love Cage” (mp3)
The Whitest Boy Alive – Golden Cage (Fred Falke Instrumental)
Kings Of Tomorrow – Young Hearts

Clivester “Your Loving Touch” (mp3)
Freemasons – When You Touch Me
Billie Ray Martin – Your Loving Arms

Clivester “Say Yes and Fly Away” (mp3) (highly recommended)
Wax Tailor – Say Yes
Goldfrapp – Fly Me Away

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