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P.A. Lit “Birth of a Wave”

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PA Lit Birth of a Wave

What does “Birth of a Wave” mean? To Nashville’s P.A. Lit the four words represent a youthful uprising amid the city’s broad musical landscape. “It’s the coming of the new youth,” he said via email. And through his new album the theme remains strong: ten tracks bonded together by a collective focus on the future.

“I did my collabs with a few of my brothers,” he continued, complimenting the contributions of the crew who helped create the album. “[They] just happen to be great musicians as well.” In the mix you’ll hear Chuck Taylor, BiLy Bla$t, Petty, A. Loca Da Man and Kellen. The tireless Ducko McFli assumed production duties for the entire release, including the standout “Battlefield” which is lifted by a sample of Pat Benetar’s 1983 single “Love is a Battlefield.” “I love that record,” Lit continued, “[I] got to collab with one of the best artist we have to offer,” he added, speaking of Petty.

While McFli lent a broad musical direction to the release, it’s the album closer “Believe” that remains Lit’s favorite. The track — which blends a warped, swirling mix with the MC’s subtle flow and Kellen’s smooth vocals — is an interesting contrast to tracks like “Battlefield,” but one that still solidifies the album’s theme. “I believe in me, I believe in me,” hums Kellen as the song subsides like a receding tide on a warm summer’s night, its end only a temporary calm before the wave of youth rises high again.

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