Chris DeLine

Cedar Rapids, IA

OFF! “Borrow and Bomb” & “I Got News for You” Video

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Whitey McConnaughy, the brains behind a killer string of Red Fang videos, strikes again in the form of this double-shot of OFF!. In the clip Dave Foley (Kids in the Hall/NewsRadio) hosts the awkward and occasionally handsy forum Teen Talk: where the teens get to do the talking and [the] adults get to listen. After OFF! (Off?) lays out “Borrow and Bomb” in the studio, Foley unceremoniously boots a relatively aged crowd member before ending the show on a low note, its closing graphics bleeding through into a commercial for the cable access gem Lethal Justice (oh, how much I would love to see that show!). Next comes Electracize with Randy Babcock which cranks up the level of ticklishness as “I Got News for You” blares in the background.

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