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“O (Omicron)” Video

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This might not be a music video, per se, but what it is is a visual document capturing a stunning permanent art installation, directed and scored by the artists themselves.

Romain Tardy, who along with Thomas Vaquié developed the piece, has already made his influence known within the modern visual art community through such projects as his 2010 collaboration with Nosaj Thing (which one can’t help but believe to have had some sort of influence on Amon Tobin’s breathtaking ISAM tour). But “O (Omicron),” however similar to past work in its use of computer-based A/V syncing, is a far far far more massive undertaking than anything the Parisian has attempted to this point.

Embellishing a science fiction influence within Poland’s massive Hala Stulecia structure (with a diameter of about 213 feet, the Max Berg design was the largest dome constructed since the Pantheon in Rome when it was built in 1913) one can only imagine what impact the combined aural and visual spectacle has on those immersed within in its grandeur. Vaquié’s soundtrack only adds to its massiveness.

By using references such as Fritz Lang’s Metropolis or the utopian projects of Archigram to confront the different visions of the future at different times, we were interested in trying to create a vision of a future with no precise time reference. A timeless future.

A music video by any other name…

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