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Cedar Rapids, IA

Norah Jones: “Not Too Late”

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Though it wont be released for another month, Norah Jones’ highly anticipated third studio album Not Too Late stands as something that could either identify her as a centerpiece of her generation, or demote her to a once triumphant musician now fading into the shadow of her celebrity. Having emerged as one of the most celebrated artists to find a niche between adult contemporary and mainstream successes in recent years Jones left the mainstream to follow various other projects after the release of her sophomore album Feels Like Home. The album, while a commercial success, failed to touch fans in the same way as her debut and despite its personal aspect, one has to feel that Jones herself strives for something greater. All this yet Jones is still a few years away from crossing the border into her thirties, a sign that no matter what, chances are that her best years, and songs, are ahead of her. Check out her web site to hear a preview of the album including a stream of Not Too Late’s first single “Thinking About You.”

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