Chris DeLine

Cedar Rapids, IA

No Bird Sing “Devil’s Trombones” Video

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In preparation for the release of No Bird Sing‘s self-titled debut earlier this summer, City Pages interviewed the band and attempted to draw an accurate description of its music. “[No Bird Sing] is a hybrid, a product of a city where the MCs listen to NPR, musicians feel free to mix partying and post-modernism, and making something honest is preferable to making something perfect… The work is referential of hip-hop mechanics but humanized through the nuance of live performance.” Pretty complicated, huh? And now No Bird Sing is replacing the written word with an increasingly abstract form of interpretation: a music video. “Devil Trombones” is dark stop-motion project created by 14 year old artist Malone Mischke. (Hey, that name sounds familiar.) No Bird Sing’s next performance will be this coming Sunday night when the band opens for Saul Williams at the Varsity Theater.

[This article was originally published by City Pages.]