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Cedar Rapids, IA

Nathan Asher and the Infantry

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Raleigh, North Carolina’s Nathan Asher and the Infantry blend a unique brand of dim rock with a hidden Moog-like essence that serves to lure you in until you are captured in lyrical fascination. Winner of not only the 2005 John Lennon Song Writing Contest (Electronic) but The 2005 Great American Song Writing Contest (Rock/Alt), the band have already found immense success in a facet of music which many could only dream of, songwriting. While the band might have first seen its roots form in 1993 Asher comments, “ten years down the line, the seven kids will meet as young adults in a cul-de-sac in North Raleigh. Something different will be born. Something greater than all of them: Nathan Asher and the Infantry.” Maybe a little presumptuous, maybe a little truthful, but it sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

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