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Nasty Collective Interview

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Nasty Collective Interview Miguel

Making a Scene is an ongoing feature focused around discussions on the Iowa music scene. For this edition, Miguel of the Nasty Collective tapped in to give some background on his work and the local scene where he’s at in Sioux City. Focusing primarily on video production in western Iowa, Miguel has created music videos for the likes of Gifo and cri$is, in addition to hosting the Nasty Collective Podcast (which features a wide variety of guests ranging from musicians to local business owners). Here, he provides a bit of background on the podcast and what inspires him creatively, while shouting out some of his favorite local venues and artists along the way.

villin: What type of work do you do related to music?

The Nasty Collective: I work on music videos, interviews (not only music-based, but mostly music), cover arts, photography, any video work, sometime create music myself (although I’m not the best at it; I tend to have fun with it).

villin: What led you into focusing on music?

The Nasty Collective: I would say what got me looking into music is a couple of things. For one, I wanted to do cinematic videos because of Illegal Civ, FADER, Quentin Tarantino, and many more artist. Once I got into looking at visuals, I came across a song by A$AP Rocky that caught my attention—“LSD” directed by Dexter Navy. And that music video blew me away. I wanted to make visuals that people would enjoy, just as much I as enjoyed that video and other directors’ content. I started with photos then transitioned to video. I never aimed for music directly, it’s more of creating content around music because I love the art of music. Music videos have been a goal of mine to create as well. So I’m just an all around artist that loves to create and enjoy different media of art. That’s what I’m about.

villin: What are your favorite venues/places to see live music?

The Nasty Collective: Whiskey Dick’s because of how welcoming they are to anyone who wants to perform/ throw a show. I threw my first show here as a promoter and Ronnie was extremely fair and nice about the whole situation. The Marquee because of how beautiful the stage is and how nice the bartenders are at times. They also have an outside area that people love to use for hanging out and smoking a cigarette. Also: The Waiting Room Lounge down in Omaha and Grandview Park during Saturday in the Park (both the Main Stage there and the Abe Stage).

villin: Who are some of your favorite local artists?

The Nasty Collective: Gifo, cri$is, C-Note, New Age Crisis, Jose the MC, RENØ, Brady Raps, 7Squad, Young Rambo, Self, Livønce, Rowdy Kranz, Brutal Doodles, Britton Hacke Photography, Kitty Kitty Bang Bang, Marco, KMEZ… I can name so many of my favorites artists, I know I have way more. The artists I have met locally are just really talented. It’s pretty amazing to see it all. Respect to all the artists locally, I know people who have tried so hard to be living their passion. So shout out to all of them!

villin: What’s the last local concert/show you went to?

The Nasty Collective: As of writing this, last night I went to MED CALL TOUR featuring King Iso with Taebo Tha Truth, Otis Julius [and other local artists]. The show was really cool! They really put on a show for everyone. Music was amazing, the sounds were on key, and the crowd was responsive the whole night. Very cool to see.

villin: Do you have a favorite local concert/show that comes to mind?

The Nasty Collective: I really liked the one show I put on as a promoter, LET IT SNOW BY NASTYCO. It was cool to have accomplished that, even though it was a smaller event. Felt awesome.

villin: What are some notable changes or developments you’ve seen in your city’s music scene over the last few years?

The Nasty Collective: I have seen progress in people being more social, coming out of COVID (even though it is still around and getting people sick) I believe people are wanting to interact more and have more connections.

villin: What’s missing from the scene there?

The Nasty Collective: I think the only thing that’s missing is coming together as a community and trying to level each other to a higher level. I do believe that it seems as if the community is on the right path currently.

villin: What changes could help improve the local music scene there?

The Nasty Collective: I will say it seems the music scene is getting better day by day. Not too sure what can improve it beside what people are doing now, going out to events and showing support!

villin: Is there anyone in your community you’ve drawn inspiration from when it comes to making videos?

The Nasty Collective: In my time as a film maker I draw inspiration from everyone and everything God has created. Some of the things in life I took inspiration of are: The way the trees move in Colorado as if they were dancing; the rain that falls during a storm; the sun setting and its rays hitting a certain way; dark days that are cloudy; things like that. As far as people, I would say I looked into Mikey Alfred a lot (creator of Illegal Civilization), Quentin Tarantino, Seth Rogen, Ben Stiller, Steven Spielberg and Director X. I have homies that make visual art and they are great at it. But as far as inspiration I take that from a lot of different things. Movies, anime, and podcasts are the most things I’d say.

For more from Miguel and the Nasty Collective check his work out on YouTube or follow along on Instagram. And for a deeper exchange, here’s a recent episode of the Nasty Collective Podcast where Miguel invited me on to chop it up a bit about the Iowa music scene:

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