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Nashville Electronic Dance Music Playlist

In January 2022 I began using villin as a vehicle to release playlists featuring music from Nashville artists. I did this through a pair of playlists, featuring Nashville Rap & Hip-Hop and Nashville Electronic & Dance Music. Additionally, I created similar music video playlists on YouTube, again featuring Nashville Rap & Hip-Hop and Nashville Electronic & Dance Music. Before moving to Cedar Rapids and shifting the focus to Iowa music playlists, I rounded out the respective Nashville playlists with several hundred additional tracks not featured in the individual monthly updates in July 2022.

Nashville Electronic & Dance Music Playlists:
Spotify / Soundcloud / YouTube

January 2022 Spotify Playlist Updates

1) Shmuck the Loyal “Gnosis”
2) Super Duper “Montage”
3) LOWSH & Billy Cave “Best I Ever”
4) Nicholas Latiff “Rythms Devine (Original Mix)”
5) mjanja feat. KEANA “Sway”
6) yabé “I Like It When You Whisper in My Ear”
7) Kevin Kendall “Been a Long Time”
8) ESCPE “Vagary”
9) Quiet Entertainer “Insomniac (remix)”
10) Makeup and Vanity Set “Time”
11) Wick-it The Instigator “He Gets Wick-it”
12) Namir Blade “Leia In the Haus.”
13) Jon Santana feat. Cappa “Ride”
14) Paulo Ventura feat. Sound I Am “Until Our Paths Cross”
15) Oral Sax “Nuclear Fire”

January 2022 YouTube Music Video Playlist Updates

1) Super Duper “We Had Everything” (directed and produced by Josh Hawkins and Ben Crosson)
2) mjanja feat. KEANA “Sway” (filmed by Jacob Romero, edited by Alex Guibert)
3) Jane Dupree feat. Chillmode “Divinity”
4) yabé “I Like It When You Whisper in My Ear”
5) Quiet Entertainer Orchestra “Dayvan Cowboy (Boards of Canada cover)”
6) Namir Blade “Leia In The Haus.” (unofficial video)
7) Makeup & Vanity Set “Time” (directed by Drew Lint)
8) Shmuck The Loyal “Resident/Demi Gods” (filmed and edited by I FEEL SICK Productions)
9) Mage Tha Blackheart “Fumes”
10) Oral Sax “Distopiatic”

February 2022 Spotify Playlist Updates

1) Super Duper “Don’t Worry”
2) Jensen Sportag “Everything Good”
3) Tmj “Bedroom Thoughts”
4) Lux Velour “Empathy”
5) Arht “Dirty Edit”
6) Lapilli “Rare”
7) KDSML “Don’t Sleep”
8) Ives “Vortex”
9) Beau3tiful “Chk This Out”
10) Jason Code “Punctual”
11) roseviolet “Swell”
12) Ghibli “It’s a Jazz Thing”
13) Oliver Dodd “Moment of Inertia”
14) Makeup and Vanity Set “The Zone”
15) Hanzz “Get on up”

February 2022 YouTube Music Video Playlist Updates

1) Oliver Dodd “Experiment Fifty One”
2) Gay Vibes “Angelina”
3) Jensen Sportag “Everything Good”
4) Bleaux feat. Nikus Beatz “Final Boss”
5) Super Duper “Do It For Myself”
6) Subrinse “Callin For You”
7) Jason Code “36”
8) mge. (aka Namir Blade) “motion::wave” (directed by Joel Davis/Aperture Visuals)
9) Makeup and Vanity Set “Ghost (live version)” (directed by Joey Ciccoline)
10) RL Grime feat. Djemba Djemba “Valhalla (KDSML remix)” (directed by Aaron Lee Seldon)

March 2022 Spotify Playlist Updates

1) Jon Santana “(home)”
2) Super Duper “Angela”
3) Hanzz “Better Late Than Never”
4) Walt Flames feat. MyNameKushy & $avvy “No I.D. (Subrinse remix)”
5) Beau3tiful “A1a (Original mix)”
6) Kevin Kendall “Grounded 2 U”
7) TwoYearOldBear “Covered In Scars”
8) HRMS “Higher We Go”
9) Jensen Sportag “One Lane Lovers”
10) 9197 “Cheza”
11) KDSML “Chip Chop”
12) Shmuck the Loyal “Excavate”
13) Party Trash “Night Flash”
14) Sarah GXG “I Want Your (Hands On Me)”
15) Makeup and Vanity Set “Theme From Radio Rental”

March 2022 YouTube Music Video Playlist Updates

1) Beau3tiful “Sombasso (Original Mix)”
2) Jensen Sportag “Be Somebody’s”
3) mjanja “Reflection” (video by OQLRR)
4) Wick-it the Instigator “ROCKLIKETHIS”
5) TwoYearOldBear feat. Jeffrey Owens & Yesiwill “Out of My Mind” (video by anikmhamud)
6) Super Duper “Falling”
7) Big Krit “What You Mean (Jane Dupree B Hard Mix)”
8) MilkChalk “Hypervigilant”
9) Oliver Dodd “Modular Techno”
10) Makeup and Vanity Set “End Sequence”

April 2022 Spotify Playlist Updates

Super Duper “Here with You”
Subrinse “Destination”
morgxn “N.Body” (produced by Shmuck the Loyal)
Mushi Musu “Dramático”
Ghostmemory “Tubular”
Edders “AO”
TwoYearOldBear feat. Zach James “Come Back Home”
Bleaux “Love // Over”
Quiet Entertainer “Self Esteem”
Tri Angles “Via Amenti”
theultravisitor “cyper pu666y”
Supertask & ESCPE “Form”
Carlos Cabrera “Minds Tech”
Jazper “The Man Inside”
Nasire “Sonar”

April 2022 YouTube Music Video Playlist Updates

Super Duper “Here with You”
Makeup and Vanity Set “Algorithm” (video by Saman Kesh, Justin Dashuur Hopkins, Alan Mykitta and more)
Jon Santana “Tranquilo” (video by Mark Malta)
Bleaux “Event Horizon (Run the Credits)”
Shmuck the Loyal “Ender” (video by IFEELSICK PRODUCTIONS)
Oliver Dodd “Techno”
Namir Blade “UFO” (video by Joel Davis/Aperture Visuals)
JOTA ESE feat. sissy “oh lordy”
KDSML “Nug Life” (video by Majority Media)
Chiefus “Know Your Worth”

May 2022 Spotify Playlist Updates

Arht “Where’s the 808?”
Makeup and Vanity Set “Search the Night”
Jensen Sportag “Bellz”
Ivan Coronel “Feeling It”
Jon Santana “Time Again”
Jane Dupree & Taylor Matson “Tangerang”
Paulo Ventura “She Knows She’s Got”
Oliver Dodd “People Mover”
Void Cat “Misty”
yabé “Ōsanna”
Magic of Science feat. Ourizon “Dubby”
Nicholas Latiff “Travel By Sound (original mix)”
Super Duper “Diamond”
Carlos Cabrera “New Horizon (original mix)”
Gay Vibes feat. Leticia Wolf and Malina “Sooner Than Now”

May 2022 YouTube Music Video Playlist Updates

Super Duper feat. Lonas “honey”
Caveman the Wise “Malice” (video by Lucas Young)
Jon Santana feat. Victoria Bigelow “Corners 2.0” (video by Suraya Shivji)
Chiefus “Green Leaf”
JOTA ESE “if you let me”
Cold Lo #BEATS “loveU.”
Black Cat Sylvester “The Sad Stromboli”
Oliver Dodd “—-“
Super Duper “Hold On”
Makeup and Vanity Set “Fluids”

June 10, 2022 Spotify Playlist Updates

1) Yabé “English Garden”
2) HRMS feat. Mud “Slotimes”
3) Simple Thieves “Mondays”
4) TwoYearOldBear “Beside Me”
5) Nicholas Latiff “Colonia Juarez (Original Mix)”
6) Soul Design “Into His Arms”
7) Wick-it the Instigator “We Are Now Live”
8) Makeup and Vanity Set “Sentinels”
9) Oral Sax “Beam Me Back Please”
10) Paulo Ventura “Escaep”
11) Jane Dupree “Not Changing for You”
12) Kevin Kendall “When Can I See”
13) VOID CAT”Nice”
14) ARHT “Now Is All There Is”
15) Jazper “Inside My Head”
(Pictured: Yabé)

June 18, 2022 Spotify Playlist Updates

1) TwoYearOldBear “Hold On To Me”
2) Super Duper “Far from Falling”
3) Gay Vibes feat. Fearyteeth “Wake Up”
4) HRMS “Good Kid”
5) Ross Lowder “Mercury”
6) Oral Sax “25i”
7) Lux Velour “Honeymoon”
8) Jack Tripper “Form 1”
9) Oliver Dodd “Kratos”
10) Makeup and Vanity Set “Mind Sync”
11) The Space Cadet “Smokeshow”
12 ) Raytek “Haze”
13) Ivan Coronel “Shapes (Original mix)”
14) Sintra & Billy Cave “Ceviche”
15) Jason Code “Bodyy”

June 25, 2022 Spotify Playlist Updates

Tri Angles “PUSH THRU”
xndr. & VEXUS “Radiant”
Wick-it The Instigator “Exclusive”
KDSML “Out 2 Lunch”
Nicholas Latiff “D.C.L.X.WTV (original mix)”
Logan Garrett, Subrinse & Gorilla Zoe “Kelly Rollin”
HRMS “About Last Night”
TwoYearOldBear “Your Love”
TRY (Sam i & Shmuck the Loyal) “Aphrodite”
Jack Vice “Control”
Super Duper feat. Quinn Lewis “Hollow”
Arht feat. Via Name “Septentrian 2”
Bleaux feat. Electric Monkey “Tones from Heaven”
Makeup and Vanity Set “The Cross”
(Pictured: KDSML)

July 2, 2022 Spotify Playlist Updates

1) xndr. “To The Light”
2) Makeup and Vanity Set “City Realms”
3) Lux Velour “Reality (Extended Mix)”
4) Chiefus “Recall”
5) Kevin Kendall “Hidden Moments”
6) Hoyle & Jon Santana “Power”
7) Raytek “Echoes”
8) Billy Cave “Think About It”
9) Arht “Ctrl-Ng? Adjusted Limit”
10) Ghibli “Out of That and Into This”
11) Tri Angles feat. Kubbi “Haunting Me (Reprise)”
12) Super Duper “VHS”
13) Quiet Entertainer “Sincere”
14) Paulo Ventura & Taylor Matson “Guarani”
15) ESCPE “Akasha”
(Pictured: Lux Velour)