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2006 in Review: The Rise and Fallout of Jay-Z

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It may or may not have started with Nas’ “Ether” back in 2001, but after both ended up together with Def Jam someone had to take the reigns in cracking down on Jay-Z and in 2006 Cam’Ron stood up ready to battle. Though the roots to both Cam’Ron and Dipset as a whole disputing with Jay-Z go back a ways it was in 2006 where Cam’Ron took the spotlight by releasing the well publicized dis track “You Got To Love It,” as well as the underground mix “Fuck Jay-Z.” The first track being an open call out that takes aim at everything from his business to his (then) girlfriend to his style with the second taking a deeper shot at his actual music and lyrical similarities with those that had come before him. In “Fuck Jay-Z” Cam’Ron literally cites examples of situations where Jay is biting rhymes and lyrics from the likes of Notorious B.I.G., Snoop Dogg, Slick Rick, Big L, Rakim, Nas, Big Daddy Kane and 2Pac.

When Jay-Z announced his return to music in fall of 2006 with his album Kingdom Come it was immediately dismissed by critics though it took little time for fans to eat it up, giving the album platinum status in a matter of weeks. How fitting is it that the album’s lead single “Show Me What You Got” could however be another addition to the pile of songs compiled bu Cam’Ron which boast remarkable similarities to those of others? In this case the track straight up steals from another great duo, Public Enemy, and simply laces the bitten rhymes over an old Shaft loop. One has to wonder what Nas’ motivation was when recording with Jay-Z for his already acclaimed album Hip Hop Is Dead. Is hip hop dead, or just the motivation to push its limits? (oh, and by the way, Jay-Z wants to be President)

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