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My Way My Love Interview

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My Way My Love Band

With the surge of bands that drop anchor in Austin, Texas each year for the South By Southwest music festival comes an equal flood of skepticism. The platform can be the literal breaking point for those performing (past performers: Norah Jones, The Donnas, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Rufus Wainwright, and so forth), and has been spectacle to a myriad of celebrity keynote speakers (Robert Plant last year, Neil Young this year) throughout its nineteen year history. One of the bands I would like to (humbly) suggest is Tokyo’s My Way My Love. In order to better understand the half noise-rock, half neo-grunge sludge rock trio I was able to take the time last week and interview the band’s lead singer, guitarist and electronic “device” aficionado Yukio Murata.

What is the significance behind the band’s name: My Way My Love.

Yukio: No meaning, we felt it sounded good. Also, I’m thinking of it like this: “way” is “vision of originality,” and “love is “heart strings.”

What has inspired your band to branch out into the European and American markets?

Yukio: When I was young I loved listening to US and European rock bands. For example, Talking Heads, Iggy Pop, Neil Young, King Crimson, Led Zeppelin, Cream, The Who and so on. These were the genuine rock countries for me. I simply want to play (and release) in the US and Europe and Canada and Australia and around the world, just like my rock idols.

I grew up in Canada and consider some Canadian bands to be my favorites to this day. Who were your favorite Japanese bands growing up and how much influence have they had on you?

Yukio: Sorry, but I didn’t listen to Japanese rock bands when I was young…and now, the only one I listen to is My Way My Love. The most influential Japanese band for me is my mom and dad with their “sleeping song.”

You’ll be playing the South By Southwest Festival with a number of bands from around the world. If you were going to tour with just one of the bands playing the festival, which band would you choose.

Yukio: The Flaming Lips! I love them, please ask them for me.

Finally, this is a completely irrelevant question, but are you following the Olympics, and if so, what’s your favorite featured sport?

Yukio: Figure skating.

(Some liberties have been taken to compensate for the translation issues. Please don’t get me wrong though, Yukio’s English is far superior to my Japanese)

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