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Chris Chu (of the Morning Benders) Interview

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Berkeley, California’s The Morning Benders play a simplified rock sound that plays to the hearts of modern indie and pop fan alike. Having been a band for roughly a year lead singer Chris Chu harmlessly harmonizes over playfully Voxtrot-like anti-ballads with both innocence and a maturity of where exactly the band fits within the realm of modern rock music. In this discussion Chu compares various notes of exposure the band has had, the difficulties with having been together for such a short time and his song writing process.

Browsing around the band’s website (again) proved interesting as I caught a quote surrounding the band’s mention on Pitchfork, “Pitchfork Media gave us a track review today for ‘Grain of Salt.’ Pretty crazy that they covered us at all, considering we are a relatively small band.” What does it mean for the band to have internet vs. print exposure such as this?

Chris Chu: In the end, it’s really all the same. Whether it’s just someone telling his/her friend, or a magazine writing about us, the more people we can get to hear our music, the better. However, I think the internet exposure seems especially meaningful to me because that’s where I get a lot of my music information. I don’t read any music magazines on a regular basis, so seeing ourselves where I look for updates is pretty exciting.

How has being such a young band helped and hurt your progress towards greater exposure?

Chris Chu: I’m not sure. It’s tough getting yourself out there. We just try to circulate it, and hope people will like what they hear. Sometimes people are excited to hear new bands, and give them a chance. Some people completely dismiss new bands. It works both ways.

For those that aren’t familiar with your sound, please entertain a madlib for me, explaining the band’s sound: The Morning Benders ______ with a rusty _____ and most definitely don’t sound like ______!

Chris Chu: The Morning Benders turn heads with a rusty shovel and most definitely don’t sound like humans!

What is the biggest source of inspiration when writing songs like “I Was Wrong?”

Chris Chu: People I suppose. I end up writing a lot of songs about people, about how certain people make me feel. I don’t know how to answer this question.

When I first heard the band, I called The Morning Benders something between alt-country and folk-core. What do you think the band sounds like?

Chris Chu: We are more on the rock and roll side of things these days. We’ve evolved a lot since the six demo recordings done for the EP, and our live show is definitely a lot more rocking. You’ll have to come to a show and decide for yourself.

Many groups have a shining moment on stage that defines their career, please look into the future and predict what The Morning Benders’ shining moment will be.

Chris Chu: I don’t wanna jinx it.

If The Morning Benders had one last show to play together, who would you most like to share the stage with?

Chris Chu: The Beatles.

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