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The Morning After Girls “The Morning After Girls” Review

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Morning After Girls

Generally, I accept the notion that the first wave of psychedelia far exceeds anything that has been released after 1969. I honestly feel ashamed making the comparison to a gang of neo-garage rockers (who also began in Melbourne), but to give a brief explanation of The Morning After Girls‘ sound, I feel it necessary. The Girls sound like Jet. They sound like Jet, if Jet were “elegantly wasted psychedelic pop fuzzy rock.” Mere semantics however, as simply stated, they destroy my theory, showing that psychedelia does still exist. This eponymous release is a collective of the band’s first two EPs, which amazes given its splendid flow. The eerie introduction pleasantly gives the listener due time to relax before the rocking begins; and for the next 40 minutes, the only thing that goes down is straight up, psychedelic garage rock. “Run For Your Lives” offers a sound reminiscent to that which could appear on a supplemental soundtrack to last year’s DiG! “Hidden Spaces” varies the pace, slipping into a tie-dyed dream. “Fireworks” and “Straight Thru You” are some of the most effective illustrations of modern garage that I’ve ever heard. Closing the album with the hazy “Chasing Us Under” promotes a deeper, layered, picturesque throw back to something that rock has frivolously left behind. It was once said that “The ’60s are gone, dope will never be as cheap, sex never as free, and the rock and roll never as great.” After hearing this album, your stance might just change.

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