Chris DeLine

Cedar Rapids, IA

Miss Honey

Published in Strays.

“Matilda had never once stopped to think about where Miss Honey might be living. She had always regarded her purely as a teacher, a person who turned up out of nowhere and taught at school and then went away again. Do any of us children, she wondered, ever stop to ask ourselves where our teachers go when school is over for the day? Do we wonder if they live alone, or if there is a mother at home or a sister or a husband? ‘Do you live all by yourself, Miss Honey?’ she asked. ‘Yes,’ Miss Honey said. ‘Very much so.’”—Roald Dahl, Matilda

It’s only in his mind that you exist. You, there, appearing when he needs you, when he has something to say to you, something to give you, or is in need of your help. But what about the countless hours when you don’t exist in his mind, where do you go? Are you frozen in time, only to awake when someone else calls upon you, or are you there thinking and saying and needing others into existence, yourself? He wants so very badly for you to exist all of the time, for you to never be lonely, or feel unseen or overlooked. So long as you want the same for him, that is. Beyond the restraints of his love, is there hope for you to exist to him? Will he share you once you exist to the entire world all of the time? When he alone can no longer will you into being? Truth? Love? His emptiness would rather you remain starving for his happiness. Another Miss Honey, smothered by selfishness.