Chris DeLine

Cedar Rapids, IA

The Minni-Thins

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Recipients of the 2005 Cincinnati Music Award for Best Indie/Alternative Band, The Minni-Thins are essentially revivalists; in terms of what I always thought “alternative” meant. In modern indie music it’s brave of a band to step outside of the boundaries set up by modern trends. To do so and find acceptance and acclaim outside of the given parameters is particularly commendable when you measure their (not so) cock rock against Sufjan, Oberst and a vast majority of the somber superstars currently in fashion. Stickin’ it out with a sound reminiscent of mix between The Jesus Lizard and The Flaming Lips (early 90’s) is respectable in and of itself. Doing so while mixing in the occasional trumpet, keyboard and cowbell makes for a seriously alternative experience.

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