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Mike Patton Interview

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Mike Patton Interview

Mike Patton has one of the most expansive bodies of work in modern rock music, ranging from the now defunct multi-platinum selling Faith No More to recording with the thunderous math/noise rock band the Dillinger Escape Plan to multiple guest spots with avant jazz composer John Zorn. His most recent project, Peeping Tom, reveals collaborations with a collective of some of the most influential and entertaining musicians from around the world ranging from the human beat-box Rahzel to adult-contemporary darling Norah Jones to UK trip-hop founders Massive Attack. In this interview Patton discusses the demo and collaborative process, recording in Italy and the future of Peeping Tom

Where did the Peeping Tom name come from?

From the 1960 thriller movie of the same name.

What can we expect to hear with Peeping Tom that differs it from past projects?

Well, it is certainly more linear. I hear a lot of different elements and genres rolled into one messy pile. But for all I know you will hear nü-metal!

With prior collaborations with musicians ranging from John Zorn to Buzz Osbourne how did you go about deciding who to work with for the Peeping Tom album?

The music directs me. After I work on something it is usually pretty obvious who I should get to play it. I pretty much imitate people when doing the original demos on each track. I like to work with people I respect and that I know are pros. But I do also like to explore the unknown.

Have you had any recent opportunities to guest on other band’s albums as you did with the Dillinger Escape Plan or the myriad of other bands & artists you’ve worked with.

I get offers all the time. I recently went to Italy to work with an orchestra on a classical piece written by Eyvind Kang. He is a total little known musical genius in Seattle. Talking to Dan the Automator about doing something and Rahzel as well.

What future plans do you have – is there life after Peeping Tom?

More Peeping Tom recording and touring, more Tomahawk, more Fantómas, more Lovage, the record with Eyvind Kang, scoring and indie film, voice work in video game “The Darkness”… It never ends!

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