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Mike O’Connell: The Complete Jimmy Kimmel Sessions

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Originally scanning through the outrageously popular Runaway Box videos hosted by (amongst other things) HBO correspondent Dave Hill I was crudely introduced to one Mike O’Connell. The interview didn’t so much surround his stand up as much as it did his hugely successful (600k YouTube views) online video for “What’s It Gonna Be.” And while the interview fails to reflect or capitalize on the popularity of the insanely successful Busta Rhymes/Janet Jackson hit in the late 1990s (of the same name), it does have one thing in common with the platinum selling single: tits (as in it is). Check it out here: linkage.

As for O’Connell’s stand up; why, my, friends, it is: brilliant.

Over the course of the past few years O’Connell has dawned various forms of garb and adorned the stage of Jimmy Kimmel’s late night television show, appropriately titled, Jimmy Kimmel Live. Immediately shocking the crowd with his insane energy, a slightly abnormal view of the world & what all good comedians should have: the ability to play the guitar; his spots slowly digress from songs and jokes about Asian babies into whole set about alcoholism. And who doesn’t love a drunk? Amirite?

While he purveys a slanted view of typical stand-up jokes it should be noted the O’Connell by no means performs dark humor, it’s more like a distant shade of a noir-ish grey. A greyishness that takes the audience on a hypnotic adventure that touches on primate-hating whores to premature babies born to no mother in filthy showers; all the while the television craving crowd, awaiting said television styled cravings, fades further and further into an ever confused, unlaughing sack of rags.

It should be noted, that in addition to all I’ve described above, these Kimmel spots implore some of the finest uses of censorship that this, or any other America, has ever seen.

“Here’s to blacking out before you cry yourself to sleep.” Indeed Mike, indeed.

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