Chris DeLine

Cedar Rapids, IA

“Chuck Norris Approved” – Mike Huckabee May Very Well Be The New Presidential Front Runner

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I need not hear anything of the man’s political agenda, his historic voting record or personal ins and outs – based on his appearance on The Colbert Report and this video alone I have decided to make a stand and officially (momentarily) back Mike Huckabee as Republican Presidential candidate. Sit on it Brownback!

UPDATE: Not that you needed another reason to take a stand for Huckabee, but the “Nature Boy” Ric Flair has now come out in support of the former Arkansas governor. Possibly the greatest Flair quote ever? “Space Mountain may be the oldest ride in the park, but it still has the longest line!” So obviously you can trust his political judgment.

UPDATE #2 – Still not convinced Huckabee is the man for you? A brilliant editorial at AlterNet explains various reasons as to why the Huckster may be your guy in ‘08 (or not). Pros? Huckabee hasn’t necessarily been lenient on immigration, but rather he has acted as an immigrant sympathizer (not a bad thing, but with such a historical stance not really a group I’d send Chuck Norris after). Cons? A questionable history of ethics in his administration and plans for an oddball reconstruction of the current system of taxation. Also, following his days as a Baptist minister he has had various situations of questionable stances backing the religious right including that of pro-life in spite of rape. So, if Chuck Norris, Ric Flair & right wing Christianity are your bag – Huck is the man for you…if you think that “a governor’s intervention that year (1996) to block the state from paying $419 for a retarded 15-year-old girl’s abortion, her pregnancy stemming from being raped by her stepfather on a camping trip” might be a bad thing…Huck might not be your boy.

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